Men’s Health meeting recap

February 16, 2009

Well, my first in-person meetup took place today. It was a small and lively group. We covered a wide range of topics that I’d like to touch on in this post. We also had a great suggestion as to how to focus our next few meetings.

As mentioned, we covered pretty wide range of topics, We talked at some length about the simple, straightforward dietary advice. It’s been said before, but my #1 recommended book is Dr. Thompson’s Glycemic Load diet book. It gets you 80% there if you’re currently on a typical North American diet and its advice is very widely applicable.

We also talked a bit about the cycle of glucose and insulin response. For a very brief video description of that process, please reference a YouTube video on Diabetes. There is a more engaging one on that I was not able to find … I’ll update when I do.

Also, note that we’re all set for our next get together on Sunday March 8th at the Starbucks in Madison Park.

Hope to see you there!


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