Pillars of Weight Loss – Life Extension

June 15, 2009

Life Extension Foundation have done it again. They’ve taken all of the best advice that’s is now emerging on the blood testing, supplement and dietary (well, almost) front and compiled it all together into their Nine Pillars of Successful Weight Loss.

The entire write-up is worth your time – whether or not you think you need to loose weight – because the principles apply to everyone. It’s about optimal overall health. If everything’s in balance, it’s almost hard to put on a lot of fat.

Please do yourself a favor pick up the .pdf from the site. Here is a brief sidebar that gives you a sense of where they’re taking this:

  • Simply eating less and exercising more is not enough to help most people remove excess body fat and keep it off. A comprehensive program is necessary to aggressively target the many factors that contribute to excess body fat.
  • Excess body fat is not only unsightly, it can be deadly, increasing the risk for heart disease, diabetes, and cancer. Abdominal fat is particularly dangerous.
  • A comprehensive fat-loss program includes improving insulin sensitivity, achieving youthful hormone balance, controlling the rate of carbohydrate absorption, controlling the amount of dietary fat absorption, increasing physical activity, normalizing brain serotonin, restoring energy expenditure rate, and adopting a long-term healthy eating strategy.
  • Certain nutritional supplements offer important support for reducing appetite, promoting satiety, and enhancing fat-burning.
  • The rewards of removing excess body fat go far beyond a slim physique to the promise of a lengthy, disease-free life.

On the dietary side of things, I remain hopeful they’ll get a copy of Good Calories, Bad Calories and begin to step away from the low-fat, calorie restriction premise that still underlies much of their dietary advice. At least this time around, they make a pretty strong statement about the consumption of simple carbohydrates and how the emphasis on low fat approaches quite often result higher consumption of said carbohydrates.

Be Well,


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