Primal Blueprint – Limited Time Offer

March 17, 2010

Here’s a fantastic, one-day-only offer from one of my favorites. It’s Mark SDo not delay, get it todayisson of Mark’s Daily Apple. You may recall I sent you his way in a previous post. Since then, I’ve been a regular reader and subscriber to his blog and have found the quality of his information to be superb and his style to be infectious. If you buy his book The Primal Blueprint from today (3/17/10), in addition to getting this life-changing book, you also get tons ‘o goodies along with it (cribbed from his announcement e-mail):

  • A personal invite to a private 2-hour Live Webcast Q&A Session. Ask me anything you want. I’ll be answering as many questions as I can about weight loss, muscle building, supplementation and anything else that interests you.
  • Access to the password-protected audio interview: "Special Report: 20 Reasons You’re Not Losing Weight (And How to Fix Them)" ($24.99 value, yours free!)
  • Access to the password-protected audio interview: "Special Report: 5 Reasons You’re Sick (And How to Get Better)" ($14.99 value, yours free!)
  • A convenient and exclusive e-book (PDF) of 25 Primal Blueprint Recipes from Mark’s Daily Apple
  • A free preview edition (PDF) of my upcoming, hardbound cookbook with 5 select Primal Blueprint Recipes

You can get the full skinny (heh, he said skinny) at the ‘apple.’ The deal is even sweeter if you buy more books at a pop. The price of the book is paltry compared to its worth, and you get all this extra to boot. No excuse not to take advantage of this. Mark’s motivation is to raise the profile of his book so as to accelerate the broader changes we need to craft a healthier society. I’m down with that too. Tags: ,,

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