Support Lierre Keith

March 22, 2010

Readers of this space will recall my recent recommendation of The Vegetarian Myth by Lierre Keith.

I’m writing about it again because I wanted to inform you that Lierre was a victim of a punk attack last week – apparently by those who were threatened by her message. Never mind Lierre lives with a severe spinal condition that renders her a physical threat to no one. Never mind that she was simply using well-put words to educate. While I cannot say I agree with all she says, I am extremely grateful for her contribution. However, some people who felt so threatened by the words sought to do her harm because of them.

My immediate, visceral reaction is one of utter disgust that someone would do this. My second thought (once my frontal lobes become engaged) is I can only imagine how utterly bereft one must feel in order for this act to make you feel better somehow. Must be quite an unbearable existence.

Have a nice grass-fed steak next time, instead of taking your frustrations out on those with whom you disagree.

For the rest of us, I encourage you to buy Lierre’s book. My post goes into all the reasons why it would be worth your while based on the books merits. All the more reason to support Lierre now to drive home the point that such acts only make the target of such cowardly acts stronger.

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