An evening with Dr. Eenfeldt

April 20, 2010

The hits just keep on coming!

Due to the vagaries of life in the wake of the aforementioned volcano (which, by they way is more than a simple inconvenience for many thousands of people), I had the opportunity to spend an evening with a great physician and blogger, Dr. Andreas Eenfeldt. In fact, a mention on his blog sent my traffic to heights it had never seen (hope there’s more to come of that).

Andreas Eenfeldt, Keith ToussaintHere we are, just chillin’ at our place after dinner. With his unfailing politeness, he managed to endure my incessant prattling on about subjects quite far afield. We managed to touch on Jonas Colting, Malcom Gladwell, Gary Taubes, Michael Eades, Jackie Robinson, Jeremy Rifkin, Marcus Borg, Jimmy Moore and more. come to think of it, he did catch the next thing smokin’ out of Seattle on Tuesday. Coincidence or something more :)?

But is wasn’t all just talk. We managed to get Andreas through his first Super Slow/Body By Science workout at the PRO Sports Club. It’s clear he hits the gym on a regular basis, because he nailed it the first time through. I won’t reveal his weight and times under load, but I will say he may need the XL weight machines if he wants to follow up with this at home. Remember Andreas, give yourself a good recovery time.

… and to all my new readers from Sweden, Välkomna! Tags: ,,,

35 Responses to “An evening with Dr. Eenfeldt”

  1. Sudda Sudda Says:

    TACKAR! (Thanks!)

    Sounds like a very interesting day!

    Greetings from a Kostdoktorn-Fan from Germany


  2. Eric Says:

    Nice blog!


  3. Sussiq Says:

    I’ve been doing the “Body by Science” workout for over 6 months now with great results.


    • KMT Says:

      Glad to hear you have been getting good results – and not repeatedly pounding your joints. Seems to me the pounding is best avoided.


  4. dufva Says:

    More greetings from Sweden!

    Gotta check out that slow training youre doing.
    Sounds like its effective and timesaving.


  5. Jimmy Moore Says:

    Greetings from Swe…er, I mean, South Carolina! LOL! Keith, I’ll be going to see Dr. McGuff sometime soon. I’ll let him know you’re his biggest fan. 😀


    • KMT Says:

      Heh! Funny guy! Please do give Dr. McGuff my regards. There is a whole gaggle of us here (at Microsoft) singing his praises.


  6. […] Hälsobloggaren Keith Toussaint fick tydligen ett rejält besöksrekord häromdagen efter att ha nämnts här. Han har skrivit ett inlägg om mig, så är du intresserad kan du hjälpa till att ge honom ett nytt rekord: An evening with dr Eenfeldt (Health Man Blog) […]


  7. Lilla B Says:

    Greetings from Sweden!


  8. Tombola Says:

    Greetings from Sweden!


  9. Lilla jag Says:

    Greetings from Finland and a kostdoktor fan


  10. Kvinnlig 40-talist Says:

    Greetings from (Stockholm) Sweden!


  11. Frida Lundberg Says:

    Another greeting from Sweden here! Nice blog, keep up the good work!


  12. Ethel Loberg Says:

    Hi!!! keep on the good eating you amerikans, end don`t forget: LCHF is the best!!!


  13. Ingvar Bejvel Says:

    Hi there, Health Man, good to see so many getting on the low carb wagon (not the usual wagon!). Would love to see the name of Barry Groves, British forerunner on health, up there together with Gary Taubes and the amiable co-Swede Andreas Eenfeldt. Keep up the good work in spite of all the disinformation in your great country!


  14. Marie Says:

    Greetings from Sweden.

    For years I have been looking for information about statins – Simvastatin, Lipitor, Pravachol etc.

    I had several relatives on this type of medications. During those years I found one webb-site after the other and a lot of interesting books – most of them in English.

    As far as I understand – without any connection to the health care industry – all statins have similar side effects. They can appear soon – or later – when they, not seldom, are diagnosed as a new desease or are written off as “old age”.

    Remember, it`s your body and you know best how you feel. The best thing you can do for yourself and people around yous is to “educate” yourself. Look for information in many different webb-sites and in books.


  15. Marie Says:

    Here are som suggestions:

    Lipitor – thief of memory (Duane Graveline)
    Statin Damage Crisis (2009 – Duane Graveline)
    The Cholsterol Myth and other books (Uffe Ravnskov)
    The Great Cholesterol Con (Anthony Colpo)
    Overdosed America (John Abramson)
    Malignant Medical Myths (Joel F. Kauffman)
    Our Daily Meds (Melody Petersen)
    The Truth About The Drug Companies (Marcia Angell)

    Bitter Pills (about quinolone antibiotics, Cipro, Levaquin etc)

    The Antidepressant Fact Book, Toxic Psychiatry, Your Drug May Be Your Problem and many more books (Peter R. Breggin)

    For more information about these books look on the Internet.


  16. Marie Says:

    I cocntinue with some webb-sites. (lots of information including patient stories – Forum) (several interesting articles under “News” + Simvastatin etc = patient stories

    http://www.peoplespharmacy + Simvastatin, statins etc = articles + comments + Drugs + Simvastatin etc = patient stories

    The news are not interesting, mostly about the stock exchange etc, but the patient stories are very interesting and educating.

    Underneath each you will find the word “Reply”.
    If there is a number there – you will find comments. Click on “Reply” to read them.

    Google “Wonder Drug That Stole My Memory” and you will find an article from Daily Telegraph, March 2009, and underneath it there are 140 comments!

    Google: “Stopped our statins”
    Interesting site made by an ex statin-user.
    Under “print articles” you will find an informative article from Weston Price Foundation and many more. +
    Both about quinolone antibiotics and their many side effects.
    On these webb-sides you will find the names of this type of medications. The words flox or ox are often insluded in the name of the active substance.

    In the U.S. there are people who call themselves floxies. They have been floxed. Google those words and you will find plenty of information.


    • KMT Says:

      Thank you very much, Marie, for the great references regarding statins. I just recently was shocked to find both my mother and grandmother were both prescribed statins though neither had a cardiac event.

      Needless to say, I had them stop immediatly and speak to their doctors. There is no clinical evidence indicating statins should be prescribed to women who had not already had a heart attack.

      Aside from that, the side effects are just too risky.


  17. Annela Says:

    Hi everyone, here comes more greetings from Sweden. Looks like you had a very nice evening you two, and I really like your blog. I’ll be back.


  18. Ethel Loberg Says:

    You see Health Man! now you´ve got lots off Swedish frends thanks to Andreas Enfeldt and your blog, and vi really like your blog.

    I Wish you a good life with LCHF from Sweden.


  19. Hi from Finland and a great fan of the Swedish lchf movement. I’ve been on lchf for more than 18 months now and have left out my statin drugs, blood pressure drugs and ssri drugs. I’m feeling a lot better now.

    Keep up the good work everyone!


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