Flexitarian – if you can’t be as ‘good’ as a vegetarian

April 23, 2010

flexitarianCame across this sign at my friendly company dining establishment. the message is clear: while not everyone can be the superior and exalted vegetarian (I mean, many of us are mere mortals), but you can bask in their reflected glory if you just skip meat once a week. It’s Easy. Once a week. Skip Meat. Then you can be a Flexitarian. Sounds a little like a noble band of intrepid travelers who, by dint of their own extraordinary self-discipline have attained the perfect flex mix and go forth to convert the inflexible.

On the other hand, could be a caped superhero who swoops in on meals of those who have yet to skip their meat meal in the current week. Wonder where the meat would go?

It just seems a bit odd to me that we have come to conclude that vegetarianism is a pinnacle of dietary conduct and that anything that gets you closer to it is to be lauded.

To my mind, it is a dietary choice that has tradeoffs like other well-considered choices. Not morally superior. Just different (see previous post discussing The Vegetarian Myth for context). That said, it is expressly not preferable for me. It does not work for me personally on a number of dimensions.

Well, right after taking this picture, I got a little breakfast:

FlexThisMmm. Now that’s a flexy meal 🙂


2 Responses to “Flexitarian – if you can’t be as ‘good’ as a vegetarian”

  1. Lowell Meyer Says:

    Yowch… honestly, I think we may want to go with “Option #5” on this one and complain. At the best, it should be respected and tolerated as a personal choice… but the point where it is advertised in our cafe is the point where I draw the line. That’s inappropriate and wrong, and is spreading misinformation. Want to complain with me?


  2. KMT Says:

    I’m with you on this one, Lowell. I think we need to at least get a ‘what were you thinking’ on this one.


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