Bezos, Dell invest in Qliance

April 28, 2010

Qliance Medical GroupUnder the ‘I didn’t see this one coming’ category, we find that Jeff Bezos, Michael Dell and Drew Carey (from the ‘one of these things is not like the others’ category) announced an investment in the Seattle-based medical home provider Qliance. Found the mention on Tech Flash (thanks, Priest).

While the Qlience medical home model is one I have strongly advocated, I have my reservations about the extent to which they can be broadly successful in the areas where we need it the most: caring for patients living with chronic conditions. Yes, I’m sure they can provide great services for the large majority of young, healthy people, but their contribution to the overall healthcare dollar is relatively small (depending on who you ask between 5% and 10%).

But when it comes to advancing chronic care management, you need a medical home that is not silo’d off from the rest of the continuity of care. Quite the contrary, the medical home needs to be the fulcrum around which all care is managed. Yes, I know some think ‘managed’ an ill-advised word to use – loaded as it is with 1980’s ‘managed care’ baggage. However, that’s exactly what’s needed to ensure the appropriate care if provided and care is truly coordinated to reduce errors and duplication of effort.

Don’t quite see how the Qliance model works in the big bad world of chronic care management, but I like the concept.


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