Don’t Believe This – Kids on statins

July 12, 2010

[Pissing+child.jpg]One of the most disgusting ideas I’ve come across in following medical issues is this idea that children might be prescribed stating drugs. This unwelcome thought was triggered anew with today’s article and featured video.

"All kids need cholesterol tests" the headline blares. 

"Tens of thousands of children could benefit from medication" thus spake the oracle.

The very idea of widespread screening of children for the purpose of getting them on a lifelong regimen of statin drugs is absolutely revolting.

The underpinnings of the lipid hypothesis *in adults* has all but completely crumbled ( and now we get the pharmaceutical companies floating this idea of extending the flawed hypothesis to children where there is *NO* clinical evidence proving benefit.

Recently read The Truth About the Drug Companies by Marcia Angell, here’s my recent post on it. One of the little anecdotes Dr. Angell recounts leaps to mind immediately. She published an article in the New England Journal of Medicine some years ago posing the rhetorical question "Is Medical Education for Sale?" The most telling answer came from a reader who I paraphrase: "No, of course it is not for sale. The present owner is quite happy with it!"

When you see articles like this one, remember who’s truly in the ownership position here.


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