Waist size correlation with all-cause mortality–a surprise?!

August 11, 2010

Ditch your scale - for this!The health-related study of the week that’s making the mainstream press (New York Times, Wall Street Journal, NPR Blog, yadda, yadda) was released in the Archives of Internal Medicine that correlates waist size to all-cause mortality. What do you know, waist size correlates better than the ubiquitous body mass index (BMI). Forward-thinking researchers and clinicians have been saying this for *years* and the cookie-cutter articles that have been popping out in response to this most recent paper are all acting as thought this should be treated at a surprise!

Look, I get that not everybody is as geeky as I am on these issues, but if you’re writing on health for a national newspaper, these findings should in no way be a surprise to you. Representing it as such to your readers really demonstrates how little attention you’ve been paying to your chosen profession.


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