I’ll reiterate here that the impetus for starting the blog was really personal. I’m not an MD, OD, Naturopath or even a healer (at least not a credentialed one). I started this blog after getting requests from family and friends to put the things I had shared with them in one-on-one communications (verbally or in e-mail) in a form that anyone could access. So there’s that and there’s also the desire I had on my part to pull together several disparate areas of knowledge related to health that I hadn’t seen synthesized before (still looking, by the way).

So even though I’m not in a position to give you any actionable personal guidance (again, have a discussion with your doctor if you want to act on any of my recommendations). That said, I have a high degree of confidence in my points of view and have seen very beneficial effects in my own life after pursuing these interests over the last five or so years.

I’ve said on many occasions (out loud in the presence of others) that I intend to live a robust, active life into the 22nd century. Most just let it go because they probably just feel embarrassed for me. I mean, based on my appearance and demeanor, I don’t seem to be a crackpot on the lunatic fringe (insert photo of wild-haired, beady-eyed codger muttering to himself in a corner here). But I really do mean it. So as not to make this post too long, I’ll include book notes from the various authors that have lead me to the very idea this might be possible under separate cover. In this post, I’ll just state my basic assertion:

By combining dietary health, adequate exercise, consistent dietary supplementation, active hormone management and limiting exposure to environmental insult (whether it’s falling off a ladder or exposure to toxins) , one can prevent the onset of the major causes of death (diabetes, heart disease, neuro-degenerative diseases, etc.), thereby enabling maximum active life span.

The ‘how’ gets more involved, but if you stick with me, I think you’ll find the ‘how’ to be manageable – and more than worth it.